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Anfa Realties is a major real estate player in Morocco, specializing in high-end construction.

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Since 2006, Anfa Realties has concentrated its activity in the region of Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, with a population of 7 million.

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6 good reasons to invest in one of our Anfa Realties projects

An exceptional living environment

The natural environment is core to Anfa Realties’ projects. Near the ocean, facing a palm grove or nestled in lush greenery, the group’s…

High-end services at an affordable price

Our aim is to offer customers a profitable investment; Anfa Realties offers high-end units at very competitive prices. Affordability and…

Abiding by commitments above all

A leading real estate player in Morocco, Anfa Realties is committed to delivering a quality service to customers by respecting all of…

Strategic locations

The projects developed by Anfa Realties always benefit from strategic and privileged locations. Areas are strategically chosen, not far from Casablanca…

Real estate products adapted to the market

Designed specifically for the Moroccan market, the projects offered by Anfa Realties meet the expectations of couples and families…

Responsive and efficient after-sales service

Anfa Realties makes every effort to respond efficiently and quickly to their client’s requests as it appreciates and understands the importance…


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How did the idea of settling down in Dar Bouazza come about?

We were living in an apartment in downtown Casablanca. A polluted city, over populated with unbearable noise. We wanted with time to settle down into a small villa with our own garden and swimming pool providing enough space for our children. A peaceful and calm setting far from the horns and the hustle and bustle of city life, the only option we considered was Dar Bouazza. This area is home to a diverse choice of nearby amenities: schools from several academic systems, supermarkets, shopping centers, private beaches, and so on… We hardly need to go to downtown casa…


Could you provide us with more details on the layout and set up of your villa?

It is a four floor (level) villa with a basement, ground floor with a reception area and living & dining rooms, the higher floor for bedrooms and the top floor offering a rooftop that can also be used as a solarium. We have four bedrooms on the first floor which are both spacious and provide a lot of natural sun light. The master suite has its own dressing room and bathroom. Marble floors in the living room and wooden floors in the bedrooms, sanitary ceramics are provided by the renown French brand Jacob Delafon, a garden at the front and another at the back and finally a private 7 by 3 meters swimming pool.


Why did you choose “Les Villas d’Anfa 3” / “closed secured residences”

We chose Les Villas d’Anfa 3 mainly based on the real estate developer’s all round good reputation. The company had no track record of delays in delivering their past projects. Les Villas d’Anfa as a brand has become a recognized reference for closed residences. The proof: 100% of the villas in the first instalment had been totally sold. In addition to this, our neighbors are mostly using their homes as primary homes rather than secondary or holiday homes hence there aren’t many empty villas.


Tell us about your community life in Les Villas d’Anfa 3 residence?

We have secured, shared grounds and gardens where our children can play and go out with an absolute peace of mind for us. My son can go cycling with his neighbors that are similarly aged and my daughter roller skates with her friends. Our neighbors are young and dynamic with the same community spirit and mindset. We are creating new friendships and co-existing very well. We have also organized parties and other social events. You can visit and see that for yourself!


Did you benefit from an after-sales service or a guarantee?

Yes, most developers, after signing the sales contract, do not respond or meet the needs of their customers. Having said that, our developer provides us with a qualified technical team that is available and responsive to our needs. My cousin who lives in the first Villas d’Anfa project (delivered in 2012) still receives support in the event of a breakdown to this day and he moved almost 8 years ago. We too have thankfully received the same service. Last week one of my lightbulbs stopped functioning, I called the technical service and they immediately sent an electrician!


If you had to do it again, would you have bought your house in Les Villas d’Anfa 3?

Of course! We are extremely satisfied with our choice. It is not only our small haven but also a well thought out investment. With the same budget, we would have struggled to be able to buy an apartment of a decent size in the center of casa. Whereas here, we have a living area of approximately 400 square meters with our own garden and swimming pool as well as a private garage. Etc…

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